Art Fair Guide

AAF dates:   Tuesday 15th - Sunday 20th October 2024 (public information)

and  Tuesday ??th - Sunday ??th March 2025

Don’t come earlier than noon on Tuesday or you will not be allowed access to the marquee.

Location details for couriers
Stand number: tbc
Battersea Evolution Marque
British Genius Site
Battersea Park
London. SW11 4NJ

Contact telephone number
07976 294 985 (for the duration of the fair only)


I take a standard 50% at art fairs, this includes any sales generated directly as a result of the fair. This reduces to 30% for private and e-commerce sales.

Due to ongoing problems, if I find your work cheaper elsewhere online, I will lower your price labels at the fair without consultation.


  • Do not put ANY kind of contact details directly onto your work, no websites, email or telephone numbers, ever. If you want to give me your contact details with the piece, put it on a label that can be detached.

  • Please sign and title each work verso and make sure it is strung (preferably with d-rings and string or wire) and ready to hang. If the work is very abstract if is useful to have an arrow to show which way is up!

  • Please don’t frame things cheaply. It is better to have them unframed than to put people off – I have had problems with this in the past. People can spot an Ikea frame from a mile off. If you have specific framing instructions, I would be happy to pass them on to whoever buys the piece – just tell me or leave a note on the back of the relevant piece.

  • Please check frames, and the sides of unframed canvases carefully before you bring them to the fair. I cannot sell a damaged frame or an unframed canvas with a big dirty mark on it.

  • Please make sure that stretcher bars are straight. I cannot hang or sell work that will not lie flat on the wall.  

  • Unframed work must be neatly wrapped in cellophane and mounted on card. Please do not use the transparent sleeves for portfolios. It looks depressingly unprofessional.


Reproductions not allowed at AAF:
Offset lithographs
Prints run off a commercial printing press using a transparency of an original art work, even if they might be signed and dated by the artist, typically in editions of 250 or more.
Prints that are allowed at AAF:
Those prints made by the hand of the artist (etchings, screenprints, monoprints, drypoint, lithographs, mezzotints, etc.)
Those prints made with the artist’s close involvement and overseeing of the printing process; the artist would usually have make the plates; edition size normally no larger than 150.


All work must be securely wrapped and labelled Art * with the artists name and a short title for the work. This is to protect and identify it in the storeroom, which is both chaotic and cramped. Whilst I, and anyone that works for me, will take the greatest care when handling paintings, other people in the storeroom are not so concerned! Pre-made bags are great, especially if your canvases are often the same size.

If you order from Artpakk or Stiffybag, please let them know you are with Art *. We are currently trying to negotiate a discount for our artists. The more orders they have, the easier it will be to achieve this.

If you are on a tight budget, you can buy cheap quilts at a thrift shop and sew them to fit your paintings exactly.


The Tuesday before the fair starts is the best day to deliver. Access badges will be ready for collection at the front desk under your name. If you can arrive at noon, it will ensure that your work gets considered for the best places to stand. Anything that remains unsold needs to be collected after 6:30pm on the Sunday that the fair ends.


I will do my best to make sure that I pay you for any work that is sold within one month of the fair (this is not a policy that most dealers adopt – sometimes making artists wait for months before they are paid!). Difficulties arise on the rare occasions when the client has not given me the full amount (paying in instalments) or when there is a problem with the credit card transfers. I don’t normally give discounts on work until the last day of the fair. If the circumstances arise I will try to telephone you before the discount is given, to ask your permission. If I can’t reach you, then I would go ahead and give the discount unless we have a prior agreement.


All the work will be insured whilst it is at the fair but there is an excess of £500 on any single claim. I have only had to claim once in 20 years so, I am happy to reassure you, we have a good track record. In order to qualify for this insurance, you need to print two copies of this consignment note, fill it out and sign it. Both copies should be brought with you, when you deliver your work.


“Art* are a wonderfully vibrant art consultancy with very high standards and I’m proud to be represented by them.  Henrietta works so hard for her artists and gives us room to grow and flourish, she never fails to encourage me and make me feel special. Originality, artistic quality and customer satisfaction are her priorities and she always has an outstanding collection of artwork on display at The Affordable Art Fair. I have been lucky enough to work with her for almost 20 years and in that time, she has sold hundreds of my paintings, ofter to repeat customers who become collectors.  I am eternally grateful for all her help and support over the years.  Thank you!”

Julia Everett

“Henrietta is fabulous to work with. Her positivity and enthusiasm make showing with her a real selling adventure. She has reliably sold my work now for many years and is always wonderfully prompt with her payments. I love that she is organised and practical but flexible and supportive in her approach. Most importantly she remains unfazed by the complicated constructions that I send her for display, welcomes them even.”

Samantha Bryan

Henrietta is a very knowledgeable and highly professional arts consultant that I have had the pleasure of working with for many years. She has sold my work at many art fairs and has always treated me and other artists with respect, enthusiasm and excellent communication. She looks after her artists very well and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future. I cannot recommend Henrietta enough!”

Melanie Tomlinson

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