How to take care of your painting once you’ve got it home…

Unwrap carefully, don’t use a sharp blade unless you are certain you won’t damage the art inside. The safest place for art is up on the wall.  Don’t leave it on the floor where it can get stepped on.

  • Gather your receipt and print artist’s cv (most cvs are on our website

  • Put both in an envelope and stick it on the back of the picture (for insurance purposes and future reference about where you bought it, how much it cost etc).  You can even use the sticky part of the envelope to glue it to the back of the frame.

  • Framing - does it really need a frame?  If it does, use a good framer and utilise their expertise about whether you need museum glass and how wide your mount should be.

Hanging - find a hammer, at least two picture hooks and a spirit level (there is an app for this).  Is the picture strung on the back?  If you want to use picture hooks, a string is essential.  One picture hook will mean that you end up with a wonky hang. Two picture hooks, spaced at 1/3 intervals make a wide area to stabilise your picture.  If the work is very heavy, you are going to need to use screws.  We are happy to help with your hanging questions:

If you make a mistake and need to re-hang, toothpaste makes a wonderful emergency hole filler

Now it’s on the wall, would it look better with another painting from the same series?  Let us know and we will help you get a pair to match it.

  • Location - there are only a few kinds of art that can be hung in direct sunlight, in a bathroom or above a radiator.  If in doubt, please check with us.

  • Cleaning - use a soft cloth to gently wipe away the dust every 6 months, front and back.  If you have a canvas with a dent in it, use a brush and very hot water on the reverse.  As the water dries, the dent will vanish. Never, ever use glass cleaner.

  • By the magic of the internet, you are already signed up for free tickets to the next fair in Spring or Autumn.  If you come on the opening night (Wednesday), you will get the best selection of new work to choose from..

Thank you very much indeed for buying from our female owned, small family company

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